Setting up the environment

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Setting up the environment


Before we can start coding we will have to install what is called a text editor that will allow us to write our code pieces.
These are integrated text editing software.
We could use notepad, the default software of Windows but that would not be very effective especially as there are editing software specially created for the code.

The text editor

There is a wide variety of text editors that will vary depending on our operating system, Windows, Linux or Mac OS.
Here I will give you some text editors that you can download, but I highly recommend Visual Studio Code.

Windows and Mac Os:

- Visual Studio Code

- Sublime Text

- Brackets

Visual Studio Code is a completely free text editor with open source access and a large collection of extensions and it supports Windows, Linux and Mac .


The browser is the program that allows us to view websites.
The job of the browser is to read the HTML and CSS code to display a visual result on the screen.
The role of the browser is therefore essential, however it is important to point out that there are different browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari (Windows, Mac) and that behind each of these browsers there is a complex program.
For this reason your code will not be displayed in the same way on the Internet Explorer and Google chrome . However the most used browser is Google Chrome.

Googe chrome vs Microsoft edge.png

As we can notice it, it is not quite the same thing because as explained above, it is not the same software behind these browsers, we notice that some images on Microsoft Edge will appear while on chrome no, why ?

Because the display algorithms are different and some are more sensitive to certain things than others for CSS it's the same some will be more sensitive to certain types of tags than others, which will make the page will be more accentuated and some features will be displayed differently.

Even if we notice that with time we are moving towards a convergence of web pages display.

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