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Jupyter Notebook is a web application coming with the open-source Anaconda distribution. It allows to easily segment and execute python code which is useful for data science.


Since Jupyer Notebook is not as user friendly as Visual Studio Code in his basic version, friendly developers added some extensions that allow better handling of Jupyter.

Install Extensions

To access those nb extensions, you need to download and enable them. To do so go to your Anaconda Prompt (or terminal if it supports python) and execute those 3 lines.

pip install jupyter_contrib_nbextensions
jupyter contrib nbextension install --user
jupyter nbextension enable varInspector/main

After, (re)open Jupyter Notebook and go to Nbextensions section (in the nav bar) or add #nbextensions_configurator at the end of the url.

Uncheck the box disable configuration for nbextensions without explicit compatibility

Now you can choose all the extensions that you want (here is the doc)

Useful Extensions

Variable Inspector

Show all used variable and their type


Enable code autocompletion so you do not have to press TAB to see what it proposes according to what you are writing

Comment/Uncomment Hotkey

With alt + c you can comment or uncomment what you selected (hotkey can be changed in the settings)


Reformat your code so it is prettier with only one click on a toolbar button (or alt + a)

Toggle all line numbers

Show / Hide line numbers with a toolbar button (or alt + n)


So you do not misssppezll anything xD

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