How to start using visual studio code

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How to start using visual studio code

How to start after downloading visual studio code ? (on Mac)

1) First of all, go to your documents and create a folder, let's call it "helloworld".

2) Then open visual studio code, and go at the upon-left-corner of your screen where the apple is located, go to file => create a file. An untitled page is appearing on your studio code desk. Now, you have to go in file again, but now you click on "save as", let's name it "hello.html", you chose the location of the document you created before "helloworld", and you choose format "HTML" (if the choice does not appear, click on the arrow in the right to make it appear).

3) Go back to step 2 but this time, you call you new file "helloworld2" and you choose the format "CSS"

4) To make your life easier by seeing in real time changes in your website, you can go to studio code and click on the little square made of 4 pieces with one pieces flying to the left, this allows you to download extensions. You search "live server" and install it, to use it you click right and 'open with live server' this will make your website appear. If it does not work, you can go inside your documents, in the file "helloworld" you created at the beginning and you click on the file .html it will open also your web page in a browser.

And now, let's enjoy your coding session !

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