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Technology is an integral part of society – no one can escape it. Even though technology is such a common factor of everyone’s lives, it impacts individual’s lives differently. While some view the growth of technology as positive, others see the development of technology as a hinderance. As a result, businesses and organizations need to make sure the types of technology they use, along with when they use it, are aligned with their consumer base. Social media, radio frequency identification tags and user-generated websites such as TripAdvisor have been instrumental in increasing transparency and overcoming information asymmetries. However, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, trust in all technology-based sectors declined in 2015, with concerns over data privacy and security a key factor. Broader ethical questions about the way organizations use digital technology also threaten to erode trust in those institutions. Thus, technology impacts our lives in many ways (positive and negative).

The following list reflects the top 10 views that most consumers have when using technology. These statistics were pulled from the 2020 National Technology Readiness Survey (NTRS), which was conducted and analyzed by Rockbridge Associates, Inc. This survey asks consumers about their personal feelings of technology and how technology influences their personal lives.


#10. Too much technology distracts people to a point which is harmful.

While technology can certainly be helpful for daily tasks, 55% of consumers believe that too much of it is not a good thing. Technology is certainly helpful but integrating it when not needed could lead to a more difficult situation. Try to use technology only to enhance the consumer’s experience and avoid incorporating it unnecessarily.

#9. Technology lowers the quality of relationships by reducing personal interactions.

Although technology has made it easier to connect with those who are further away, it has possibly hurt the relationships of those nearby. How often have you been out with someone and the entire time they are on their phone texting someone else or are on social media? Over half of consumers (57%) believes that technology is lowering the quality of relationships by reducing personal interactions. As a business or organization, it is important to have in-person interactions with your customers frequently as to ensure a strong relationship.

#8. Reliance on technology lowers the ability of people to think on their own.

Based on the NTRS survey, 57% of consumers believe that people rely on technology so much that they think less for themselves. In most cases, technology has made it easier for consumers to get an immediate answer to their questions by asking their smart speakers or home assistants.

#7. Technology makes me feel more productive in my personal life.

The basis of technology is meant to make things more efficient, which is why 59% of consumers feel as though technology has made them more productive in their personal lives. Since technology makes it easier to stay connected and search information faster than ever before, it makes sense that consumers feel more can be accomplished in a day thanks to technology.

#6. Using the latest technology is fun.

There are plenty of benefits to using technology, many of which are explained on this list; however, there’s another reason 60% of consumers love using the latest technology: because it is fun. Aside from all the practical benefits, new technologies bring a degree of excitement to consumers when discovering all the new perks these advancements feature.

#5. Technology gives people more control over their daily lives.

As technology advances, there are more and more ways that people can keep track of different aspects of their lives. You can control your house temperature from across the country, turn on your car from inside the grocery store, track your fitness on your phone, and so much more. With this new ability to track every part of their own lives, six in ten (60%) of consumers believe that technology has given them more control over every part of their lives.

#4. People are too dependent on technology to do things for them.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of consumers believe people have become too dependent on technology. Like #8, people rely on technology to do things for them. Technology has made it convenient and easier to not do things personally and let a computer or phone do the work.

#3. New technologies contribute to a better quality of life.

Technology has developed so much even within the last 20 years alone that it is difficult to think of how we used to survive without it. From anything from streaming services to messaging applications to smart speakers to health trackers. New technologies are helping to create a better quality of life according to about two-thirds (64%) of consumers.

#2. Technology gives me more freedom of mobility.

A key part in developing new technologies is making technologies easier to use on the go. Smartwatches are phones on your wrist, laptops are becoming more like tablets because they take up less space, and companies are creating apps so that you can shop on the go, which is making delivery and pick-up popular alternatives. These developments are rising because 64% of consumers enjoy the fact that technology gives them more freedom of mobility.

#1. Technology keeps me better informed.

The core purpose of technology is meant to be an exchange of information, which is probably why 74% of consumers feel that technology helps to keep them better informed. Every piece of technology is meant to be a way to provide information, whether it be about news or your personal life, which is why technology is continuing to get “smarter” as it develops. If companies want to stay relevant, they should make sure that keep their consumers informed as they continue their technological advancements.


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